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Mafer Premium Cacahuate Japones Tostado Clasico 180g (6.3 oz) / Japanese style peanuts toasted classic

Japanese Peanuts
Price: $3.89
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Item Number: 200066
Brand: Mafer
Manufacturer Part No: 7501011185173
Mafer Premium Cacahuate Japones Tostado Clasico 180g (6.3 oz) / Japanese style peanuts toasted classic. Mafer offers a large selection of snacks and nuts and you can buy online at

Enjoy a Japanese Treat

With a name like Japanese peanuts, it often comes as a surprise that these are one of the most popular treats in Mexico. Because they are so well loved throughout Mexico, Alegro Foods offers the best Japanese style peanuts on the market. These nuts offer the delicious nutty flavor individuals want in a snack and provide the flexibility that is needed to create a unique snack that is fun to eat.

While many people love to eat Japanese peanuts in their natural state, they also make an excellent snack when paired with other Mexican favorites. For instance, some people love to eat them with hot sauce, while others eat them with some chili and lime. When individuals enjoy Japanese style peanuts in their natural state, they offer a peanut flavor that is encased in a hard shell of wheat flour and soy shell for a truly unique taste and texture.

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