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Tamarind & Fruit Pulps - Mexican Candy / Tamarindo & Pulpas de Fruta - Dulce Mexicano

Eat Tamarind Candy If You Have a Mexican Sweet Tooth!

Whether you are considered a Mexican or not, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by enjoying a healthy dose of Tamarind candy and everything else that comes along with it. You can buy a pack or two to last you for a while or if you love to indulge, you can consider a variety to choose from when you need it the most.

The Choice of Tamarind Candy

When you feel like having some candy or fruit pulps, nothing can stop you, not even the fact that you may be trying to limit your calorie intake. Don’t worry – Tamarind & fruit pulps do not carry as much calories. If you have kids, though, they will eat what you don’t want. So fill up your candy jar with a wide assortment of:

  • 10pcs of Lucas Candy
  • 12pcs of Large Lollipop
  • 40pcs of Hot and Salted Candy
  • 40pces Tamarind Chili Stick

Different Flavors

You can mix up the flavor for continuous variety. From Crayon Grape and Green Apple to Crayon Strawberry and Crayon Mango, hard or soft, and artificially flavored or pulp, your taste bud will pop everytime you spoil yourself with these delectable flavors.

Our Focus

At Alegro Foods, we offer a mouth-watering selection of Tamarind & fruit pulps, as well as Tamarind candy. We have a large inventory to choose from. You don’t have to speak Spanish to have a good taste bud to whet your appetite. We have all you need to treat yourself to the best candy on the market.

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