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Mexican Candy / Dulces Mexicanos


Enjoy Authentic Candy from Mexico

Mexican candy is much different than the candy individuals are used to in the United States. This doesn’t mean that individuals can’t still enjoy the taste of candy that is traditionally offered in Mexico. Alegro Foods offers a wide selection of Mexican candy online so you don’t have to try to find it at your local stores. We have it all in one place so you can save time and money by making just one order.

Delicious Chocolates

It doesn’t matter what country you are from, chocolate is a delicious treat that many people enjoy every once in a while. When you shop online at Alegro Foods, you will find a vast array of Mexican chocolate candy that will satisfy any appetite. These chocolates offer the great taste you are looking for, along with the delightful texture of chocolate. Our chocolate comes in a variety of forms, including chocolate syrup, chocolates and powdered mixes. We have something that will satisfy any chocolate craving.

A Variety of Other Candies

We offer one of the largest selections of candy from Mexico that is available. Whether you are looking to fill a piñata with authentic candy for your next party or you simply enjoy the taste of Mexican candy, you will find all the favorites on our website. We carry various types of gum, lollipops and other traditional treats. We even offer nuts and other special treats so everyone in your family can find something they will enjoy snacking on.

Dulce Mexicano
Dulce Mexicano - Mexican Candies
Chewing Gum- Goma de Mascar
Chewing Gum- Goma de Mascar
Marshmellows / Malvaviscos - Bombon
Aldama Mexican Candy
Aldama Mexican Candy - Aldama dulce Mexicano de leche
Barcel Hot Nuts and Snacks offers a variety of snacks from Barcel Products.
CP Products Mexican Candy
CP Products Mexican Candy
Dulces Beny
Dulces Beny | Beny Candy
Lucas Candy - Lucas Dulce Mexicano
Lucas Mexican Candy - Lucas Gusano & Pelucas Dulce
Cacahuates Japoneses Japanese Peanuts
Cacahuates Japones y Seleccion de botanas
Pelon Pelo Rico Mexican Candy
Pelon Pelo Rico Mexican Candy
Sonrics Dulces - Mexican Candy
Sonrics Dulces - Mexican Candy
Tama-Roca Tamarindo Dulce Mexicano
Tama-Roca Tamarindo Dulce Mexicano
Tin Larin Chocolate
Tin Larin Chocolate Dulce Mexicano- Mexican Candy
Vero Dulces Mexicanos- Mexican Candy
Vero Dulces Mexicanos- Mexican Candy
Dulces Lorena
Lorena Candy | Dulces Lorena
Everyday more and more Authentic Mexican Candies are coming to the US and more retail stores have these available. Here at no matter where you are we can have these treats shipped to you so that you can enjoy a peace of Mexico.
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