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Infusion Herbs and Tea / Hierbas para Infusion y Te

We Can Ship the Power to Heal to Your Front Door!

Do you suffer from sore, aching muscles after a workout? Have you experienced a bruise, sprain, or strain and want to treat it naturally? Arnica is a flower that is used to make medicine. It can be used to treat bruises, aches, arthritis, sore throat, and insect bites. Arnica Tea (te de arnica) is an herbal tea that can be used to treat fever, stomach problems, and nervous disorders. It has been proven to reduce inflammation, get rid of pain, and kill germs. Look to Alegro Foods as your supplier for te de arnica. We are an online Mexican food and grocery store and offer a large selection of products that can be shipped right to your front door. We offer a large selection of herbal teas and unique Mexican food items that consumers don’t usually find at local grocery stores.

Is Arnica Safe?

Te de Arnica is similar to European Arnica. It is recommended not to use this tea for small children or individuals with heart disease because of its potential toxicity. Herbal tea has been used by the Mexican community to treat ailments for quite some time. Products containing Mexican Arnica, like arnica tea, are usually diluted medications. Individuals should therefore consult a healthcare professional before use. Arnica Tea is a homeopathic remedy for those looking for an alternative to traditional medicine. At Alegro Foods, we offer Herbal Arnica Infusion Herbs. Our specialty items are always in stock and will ship to you the same day, regardless of your location.

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